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At Initia Relocation, we understand that relocating is one of the most stressful processes for both the company and the employee. We like to consider ourselves as “stress filters.” We guide your workers step by step to minimize the worries and the anxiety that arise during the relocation process.

We take care of it all so your employees can focus on the job they came to do without any distractions.

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“To tend to our clients with professionalism and the utmost care, offering each family a personal touch in order to meet their needs and ensure their wellbeing and happiness.”


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Due to its geographic position and the thousands of visiors the country receives, Panama is a country known for its great ethnic and cultural diversity, making it unique in the region. Despite being a religiously tolerant country, 75% to 85% of the population identifies as Roman Catholic, followed by Evangelicalism representing 15% of the population.

Panama is internationally reknowned for being home to one of the most impressive engineering masterpiece, the Panama Canal, which connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans through its 48 mile-long passageway.

Currently the country has a population of 3.929.000, and a GDP worth $52.13 billion with a growth rate of 5.8% for the year 2015. This places Panama in an attractive economic position.

In addition, Panama has been named in a variety of publications as one of the best countries to retirement. Its low living costs, the use of the U.S. dollar as its legal tender, its fun and friendly culture, among other reasons, make the small country some of the reasons why some considers it a retirement paradise.


But for INITIA PANAMA, PANAMÁ is so much more.


It is a country where cultures converge and new one is born.

Where one can seek and find opportunities, and can thrive. Panama is home to millions of immigrants who have felt good about our country becase of the friendliness, disposition and openness of the Panamanians who are more than willing to receive, listen and simply open their arms to those who choose Panama as their destination. And this is why Panama enjoys such a diverse culture, a variety of restaurants, and embraces all points of view. Others also share this opinion and believe in this beautiful country. They see that Panama has both potential and acquired value.

A recent survey by Gallup and Healthways Global reported that Panama is the happiest and has the most positive population in the world for the second consecutive year, followed by Costa Rica and Denmark. Forbes and Business Insider have named Panama as the country with the highest capacity to diversify its economy, in addition to naming it the economy with the highest growth rate in the region.

The “World’s 50 Best” organization has named Panama as home to one of Latin America’s Best 50 Restaurants, Maito. Panamanian coffee and rum have also been awarded internationally on multiple occasions. Most recently, the international film scene has also set its eyes on Panama with the International Film Festival of Panama that brings together more than 35 thousand people from around the world and releases 75 films each year.


The truth is that the experience I had with Initia Panama and with you, has always been wonderful! You are people with a lot of charisma, integrants, professionals, a vast and superior knowledge in everything related to Real Estate and Relocation. The service and customer service they provide is superior and of high quality! Truly that one feels with total confidence that you know the market and the clientele well, and that the final product that you provide is of quality. Initia Panama, and you two are truly a team of high caliber, excellent disposition, human quality, hospitality and diligence. The work you offer from knowledge of the Panamanian market, clientele, real estate, legal and human relations is highly competitive and I really recommend them highly and with closed eyes !!! My experience with Initial Panama, and with you has always been excellent !!! I did not change to Initia Panama for any other company in Panama and I feel 100% satisfied with their work and professionalism. Thank you!